PORT LOGAN'S FAMOUS FISHPOND PORT LOGAN by STRANRAER The world's oldest Marine Life Centre est 1800 OPEN MARCH Till End OCT 7 DAYS PER WEEK OPEN 10am-5pm!
           PORT LOGAN'S FAMOUS FISHPOND              PORT LOGAN by STRANRAER              The world's oldest Marine Life Centre est 1800  OPEN MARCH Till End OCT 7 DAYS PER WEEK                           OPEN 10am-5pm!

     Under New Management 2016

The historic Logan Fishpond is now under New Management. We open from March until the end of October each year. The sea water filled pond is full of seafish and our 'cave' aquarium has many surprising species for you to see up close.

         We have the oldest sea marine life centre in the world! Customers can take photographs or bring a dog(s) to the Pond.  We are dog friendly. Safety is paramount, so if busy we might ask you to tether your dog outside asyou enter. We welcome everyone and can get a wheelchair down the steps to the edge of the Fishpond. School trips welcome. This is truly a family experience for all ages.


The genesis of Logan Fishpond as the oldest marine life centre in the world is made clear to all our visitors. It was forged out of a a natural feature of nature and was the brain-child of Lt Colonel Andrew McDouall, the Laird of Logan. The Fishpond was originally a fish larder or a 'fish preserve' - a place to preserve and keep fish. McDouall tasked his workers (which included a gang of French prisoners of war) for over a decade to shape the Pond out of a basic natural rock pool using explosive gunpowder to widen and deepen the Pond. This work took many years.


His initials and the date of completion are carved on the wall of the Fishpond and read '1800 A McD'. He was proud of his achievement and it is astounding the Fishpond still exists given the wild incessant winter weather it has endured for over 2 centuries.


Visitors will not only see the amazing fish and a variety of sea species, crabs and lobsters up close, but will also see and hear the story of the Fishpond and learn about geology. The Logan Fishpond, a unique natural sea aquarium, has changed somewhat since the late 1980's. 


The most siginificant changes to the pond in the last 30 years were made by Ian Whitehead when the Pond was modernised as a Marine Life Centre with additional species in small tanks. Ian added a control valve to regulate the inflow and egress of seawater: this allowed more people to visit and enjoy the Marine life available at the Pond because the valve can stop the tide rising over the path around the Pond.  With the path around the Pond available most of the day for visitors to walk on, more could be done to add diversity to the marine life on display. (See the picture in our Gallery section of a very high tide, circa 1984/5 which shows a very high tide).

        Ian was assisted in this process primarily by Sue and her partner, Steve Boyle, who were always at hand to help stock the Pond with new sea fish or other species. Oxygenated aquarium tanks were included around the Pond and placed in the 'cave' area, the narrow fissure formed by the geological blowhole aeons ago. Hence, the old, naturally tidal Logan Fishpond, became a modern Marine Life Centre under the hand of Ian Whitehead and friends.

       Keeping all the marine life healthy and well fed is of crucial importance to running this amazing marine centre. Over the last century all the pond keepers have named the fish personally and have treated them like individual family pets.

        Logan Fishpond is a place of magical beauty on the coast, situated in the quiet northern corner of Portlogan Bay, across the bay from the village of Port Logan, south from PortPatrick. Come and enjoy yourself on this beautiful part of SW Scotland and see the species of marine live we have on view. The geology and history are integral features of this amazing unique place and we will strive to make it a balance of education and fun set in a stunning land and seascape. Come and enjoy this unique marine centre and make up your own mind.

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To book group visits for schools or clubs, please call in advance so we are prepared for large groups arriving at one time: thank you


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