***LOGAN FISHPOND*** Marine Life Centre Now OPEN 7 Days Per Week! 10am-5pm
                 ***LOGAN FISHPOND***              Marine Life Centre            Now OPEN 7 Days Per Week!                       10am-5pm        
Snatcher's photo - cod taking food
Port Logan harbour
Cod being fed (Snatcher's photo)

On the South Rhins Tourist Trail on beautiful Galloway sits the UK's, if not the world's, oldest and most unique natural marine 'aquarium'. Set deep in rocks on the shore and dating back to 1800 as a sea-fish larder for the local Laird, Logan Fishpond was partially created from an incredible geological blowhole - a natural fissure through the slanted slate rock with a shallow pool at the end which was shaped much wider, rounder and deeper by the use of explosive gunpowder by Lt Colonel Andrew McDouall the Laird of Logan who wanted a 'fish preserve'. So it is essentially man-made from the blowhole made by nature. The pond used to be refreshed via natural tides but now the tidal flow is controlled with a modern valve. See our wide range of sea fish and marine life -  cod pollock turbot mullet wrasse starfish and hermit crabs to name only a few - and feed them by hand before enjoying a stroll at the adjacent safe, sandy beach and dunes. Enjoy a picnic or BBQ at our site looking over the beach, to Portlogan harbour and distant Ireland, before a leisurely walk to  the old stone pier built in 1818 with its lighthouse designed by Thomas Telford, the famed Scottish road, canal and bridge engineer. A visit to the wonderful scenery and flora at Logan House Gardens and Logan Botanic Gardens is a must, before a leisurely 20 minute drive to  the Mull of Galloway with its breath-taking panoramic cliff-top views, scanning over the sea to the Isle of Man and beyond. An interesting and enjoyable visit to Logan Fishpond's Marine Life Centre and an all-round great day is guaranteed. 

     Fishpond from above




      Feeding the fish




Portlogan harbour and Lighthouse






 A Unique Marine Life Centre 

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